Godman Poem by George Murdock


Rating: 5.0

His visage is that of a bristling sardine.
His suit the impression of wet scales.
His mouth draws rushing currents of air
across hidden guilt slits.
His face is reddened with rage and self-righteousness
“Surely” he should not have to share his world
with the likes of homos and reprobates,
befouling the waters of his kingdom.
Love is mentioned in this castigation.
God’s love is mentioned in the same gasp
as the condemnation of mankind.
The vicar has described in the greater sense the
Love which pours from the speared heart of Christ
and brimstone which erupts from the furnace of Hell
as he would describe the administrations of any
Schizophrenic parent sparing the rod and ruining the child.
Lovingly “beat the devil” from the body
to save the soul for eternal paradise.
He is looking at me somehow
our eyes have opened in the soul
I see fear and anger and all the foils
of a man who can’t find love.
He has found in the place of love and understanding
a pulpit to elevate his stature.
He is clothed in a suit which hides his flesh
yet he is naked in his ignorance of Jesus.
I wondered in that instant
the number of madmen or Godmen
dispensing their vulgar stupidity
to the masses.

John Kay 10 November 2006

Brother George...good to see you back. I love the first line. What a slime. Good work. John

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Nimal Dunuhinga 08 November 2006

Excellent! I see the greatest Jesus Christ and all his hardships through this naked Godman.

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Patti Masterman 30 October 2006

Excellent and really needed to be said. These tv pulpits remind me of a bad halloween movie, really. I love the allusion to gills, and a slithering reference would have worked nicely too?

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