Gaza Poem by George Murdock


Rating: 5.0

There is no God in the death camps of Gaza
God has chosen to ignore the genocide
There are no NEWS cameras of the big three
None speak disparaging remarks
against the holy state of Israel
In the center of Gaza is the army of the beast
against people ravaged by scarcity, hunger and thirst
and missiles made of match sticks
Caged in the bordered land of Gaza
captives of the Chosen Few
“Show me the Devil “ Tzipi says
They had open hands to show them
“Then show me your cards”
“We will beat you every time “ she adds
“We will beat you down like
Germany beat us, without considering humanity”.
“Like it says, we’re the chosen people”
She laid down the flush
Of raw sewage and blood
Of screaming babies, motherless and lost
“No one will see this “she says
“You are invisible to the world”.

Bob Blackwell 01 August 2009

Your irony comes through this superb poem. Palestinians are just pawns, they are the red herrings who are starved, beaten, bombed and then blamed for their own suffering. No mention is ever made, of how their homes, farms and livelihood and country, was stolen by the UN to give to people born in other lands. Keep writing stuff like this and I will too. It was the crime of the 20th Century.

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Nimal Dunuhinga 22 January 2009

An excellent poem of Gods, Devils & Wars et cetera, .

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Homen Thangjam 12 January 2009

Please circulate this poem to a larger circle. I am doing it from my end, passing down to my friends and activists. We need more of such types. Do write more. many of us are with the people in Gaza.

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