Good Morning Poem by ramesh rai

Good Morning

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</>Good morning every body
it comes with a fine morning
with the hope of a pleasant
and peaceful day
as the days delight
the morning comes everyday
with a blooming life
with the hope to earn more and more
to arrange bread and butter
for the life
the life which sustains
daily's routine
from morning to night
the day's toil is likely to complete
the muscles of the body is torn to pieces
seeking rest for the sweetest dream
with the hope of
Good night to all.

Frieda Taller 18 November 2011

hmmm, it's not a rhyming poem but there is a good message in the poem. :)

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Elena Sandu 17 November 2011

Good morning and good night hard working man have shown us the most happy and hard times, how happy is a tired body to find the bed and go to sleep contended for another day slept away proud he completed day's toil..Hard times maybe in the morning to watch the sky and find energy to get up and live the best but ah inside might scream for bit more rest..Good poem, thank you for share,10

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Sajna Kailas 16 November 2011

good morning! every morning gives us new hopes and dreams but the truth is that, each new day reduces our lifespan, reduction of one day from our life.but your poem is very good. a charm for morning. as good as a dawn! ! ! !

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ijlal Haider 15 November 2011

nice.... with the hope to earn more and more arrange bread butter.... fulto hitting.....

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