Gothic Scene Poem by Adrian Cox

Gothic Scene

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Beneath gas lamps
black night skies
to eary sounds
of distant cries.

We walk streets
cobbled stones
through darkened alleys'
squalid zones.

In candle light
misery strains
through smudged glass
of dirty pains

from lonely rooms
in dancing light
that calls out
into the night.

A lack of hope
in darkened shame
black of night
in cold and rain

drips from eaves
to an icicle morning.

Clear and cold
and pointing down
austere spikes
hang down

as rods or bars
in front of pain class windows.

Rachel Butler 08 November 2009

'And pointing down austere spikes hang down' Rachel Ann Butler

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Ruth Walters 12 July 2009

you'll have to stop walking down those dark alleys and come out into the sunlight.....good poem this one! Ruthy; -)

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i really like your poem its very good

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Susan Jarvis 05 July 2009

I really love this poem, from the beguiling title to the form, to the rhyme, rhythm and effortless wordflow - and as for the atmosphere, it definitely has touches of T.S Eliot's 'Rhapsody on a Windy Night'. S :)

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Claire Hastie 03 July 2009

The words paint the picture very clear for me, a dark and dingy place of dwelling, where pain is never heard. Great!

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Adrian Cox

Adrian Cox

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