Tea Time Poem by Adrian Cox

Tea Time

Rating: 5.0

Can you imagine
my tease so nice,
sweet with sugar
full of spice.
Making me sigh
I was hungry and blue,
her sponge was a beauty
fluffy its true.
Full cream milk
warm by keeping abreast,
I quench my thirst
inwardly digest.
I drink her thoughts
they always delight
she feeds my mind,
I take such big bites.

Fish on a dish
salty and hot,
I eat her protein
all that she's got.
Her buffets are always
a jolly good spread,
she always makes sure
I get well fed.
We make a loaf
she lets it grow,
rising in the oven
baking the dough.
I was never starved,
no girl could beat her,
she was so tasteful
I just had to eat her.


WoW, , I LOVE IT filled by sweet wonderful sincere thoughts which dance through these musical verses...

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Luwi Habte 11 September 2009

Adi, I love this one I think it has some memory or some thing else so nice poem luwi

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Angelic Warrior 09 July 2009

was this supposed to sound dirty? .....cuz if not it does.......a funny little piece if not for that one aspect.....lol

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Great imagery here Adrian all in rhyme and bouncy rhythm. She seems as though she is totally and utterly delicious or was as you did eat her. Loved it! 10 Karin Anderson

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Adrian Cox

Adrian Cox

Lincoln England
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