Gray Is Beautiful Poem by Sandra Fowler

Gray Is Beautiful

Rating: 4.9

You shape my bones into your hunting coat.
Rain slants like needles through the falling air.
The field is vast with the old blood of leaves.
Fire in the windows warms my eyes to sleep.

Trees interlace the hills with gray patchwork.
I feel your fingers mend my broken wings.
Wind fades your name into a thread of smoke.
I cry its incandescence through my dreams.

We must believe that gray is beautiful,
East still exists although its outlines dim.
I feel the wind of dawn upon my face.
Put your hand there, and you will feel it too.

Previously published, Auraq, Pakistan

Brian Dorn 22 January 2007

A wonderful write, Sandra... intimately worded from the first line to the last. Vivid imagery and beautifully done! ! Brian

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Alison Cassidy 23 February 2007

An enchanting title. I wondered what I'd find.... A warm, reassuring piece about protective love and minimalist colour. It reminds me of lying in bed after a bad dream with mum beside me stroking my hair till I fall asleep. Your images are timeless - the wind of dawn - I feel your fingers mend my broken wings. Superlative piece, Sandra. love, Allie xxxx

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Melvina Germain 07 July 2007

All I can say is your images, your expressions, your expertise, awesome to say the least.--Melvina--

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Raveendran . 19 September 2007

Soothing panorama; smoke from an eastern funeral pyre, signalling an end?

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Bill Grace 10 October 2007

Love the first line in particular because it has one of the characteristics of divinity which is novelty. Thank you again for feeding me. Blessings, Bill Grace

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John Oconnell 05 March 2010

cannot find 'indigo' yet. but read this one. black is beautiful too, then its not. this is a very uplifting poem on a gray day here brightened up by the coloured cloths-pegs hanging on a line against a background of bare wintry trees. honoured at your request. i'm sure your beyond all this 10 stuff but you can have as many as you want from me. take care and sail on, john

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Sonya Florentino 28 September 2009

'i cry its incandescence through my dreams' truly grey is beautiful...for it has both black and white... and light and dark.....

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 25 September 2009

such lovely imagery...each and every beautiful

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Ashraful Musaddeq 25 May 2009

Wonderful poem with wonderful imagery,10+++

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Meggie Gultiano 01 November 2007

Am so enchanted by the flow of words, Sandra..It is soothing to read and calm my spirit..This is so beautiful..Wish i can do like this kind of poetry, but only you can do justice..i love this.. love, Sweetie Meggie

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Sandra Fowler

Sandra Fowler

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