A Scent Of Snow Poem by Sandra Fowler

A Scent Of Snow

Rating: 4.0

The moon is lemon light, November cold.
The wind is blowing colors all apart.
Old leaves are writing their last signature
Upon the dimming windows of the world.

Time is a gray bird grazing fingertips.
It flies so far the mind cannot forge chains.
One feather falls like solace on bare hands,
An autumn gesture, yet how comforting!

A scent of snow is fragrant on the air.
Deep hollows will be filled with small white stars.
The very thought of that is beautiful,
A lunar landscape fit for fairy tales.

Our night is falling in the window glass,
Subtle as shadows, all its secrets kept.
You paint me quatrains for a souvenir,
Verses become my early Christmas gift.

2008, Sandra Fowler

Raj Nandy 05 June 2009

Sandra, Your first para itself becomes a part of 'classical poetry', - to remain evergreen in the minds of all true poetry lovers! I keep reading poems written by poets of all Nationalities beyond 'poemhunter.com'! I have yet to find such picturesque, beautiful original expressions like yours! ! 10++++++++ With love! - Raj Nandy

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Wojja Fink 29 March 2009

I never knew such beauty could be seen in lemon light....wonderful...moist eyed in awe John

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Deva De Silva 18 March 2009

An unreserved response, enthralling detailing, and winning substance all bundled into this one poem! Loved it… Deva

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Andrew Blakemore 26 February 2009

You are so gifted Sandra, to see these things that only a great artist can see is really something very special indeed. Love, Andrew x

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Sandra, So touching from the heart of a poet....your voice sings a melody that touches me deeply. Ah!

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Wonderful poem, par excellence. The exquisite imagery and inimitable phrasing make this poem so very dear to me. Thank You, Sandra

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Dr Dillip K Swain 23 October 2022

Sandra, you have put the moon at the top of this poem. A great poem Sandra dear... magnificent

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 01 April 2010

‘…You paint me quatrains for a souvenir, /Verses become my early Christmas gift.’ I’ve souvenired-in your picturesque metaphor bounty and envy your poetic-psychic-eyes….lolol… 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 17 July 2009

Exquisite and uplifting - the color chosen 'lemon light' so cold I can feel it...another masterpiece Sandra

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Ashraful Musaddeq 21 June 2009

Excellent poem with excellent imageries.

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Sandra Fowler

Sandra Fowler

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