A Hymn To Frost Poem by Sandra Fowler

A Hymn To Frost

Rating: 3.5

Old leaves have no defence against the wind.
A gray hawk is October's inner cry.
The bells of Salem church play elegies.
Distance becomes a single snowflake's fall.

The mood is blue as autumn's last frost flowers,
Small bits of heaven hidden in the grass.
Tom Roach who called them by their favored name,
Went home across the green fields long ago.

Yet sometimes when the light moves slowly west,
And bells summon a faithful few for prayers,
I see his shadow picking a bouquet.
To live in memory is to be alive.

For my grandfather who started to work in the coal mines of West Virginia when he was twelve years old.

Meggie Gultiano 13 September 2007

This is really a very touching poem, Sandra..I almost cried..i read and read this..Your grandpa really deserve a tribute from a very caring and loving grandaughter..If he lives today, he will always be proud of you..not only for the talents that you have but for your sweetnes, gentle and a very kind person..You also deserve a great hug from..love you, dear Sandra.. hugs, Meggie

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Robert Howard 26 September 2007

The spirit of your grandfather lives on within you. Your hymn externalizes that inner reality so that we are able to enjoy his presence as well. Then we gratefully recall our own grandparents.

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Cyclopseven R 17 October 2007

Sometimes, our ancestors may trail our path to guide us. Deny not.

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Chris Mendros 19 February 2008

Touching tribute to a man who was probably a great one. Good job immortalizing his spirit.

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James Foulk 21 May 2008

a very beautiful poem Sandra. one can close their eyes and see the beauty of those fall leaves. i like the line a gray hawk is October inner city. take care

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Sally Plumb Plumb 18 March 2011

This piece is beautiful. (I miss my grandfather desperately. he worked on the railway.)

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Walterrean Salley 24 November 2009

A beautiful and moving tribute. Stanza 1: The older one gets, the harder it is to defend oneself from the inevitable circumstances of life. Like 'old leaves, ' we become so fragile. Stanza 2: “Small bits of heaven hidden in the grass.” Trying to keep winter at bay. Stanza 3: “To live in memory is to be alive.” Such comfort this verse gives. And may you ever find comfort in your grandfather’s precious memories.

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Raj Nandy 05 June 2009

A wonderful tribute to your grandfather! Beautiful poetic imagery! You coul be a good landscape painter as well! 10++++ -Raj Nandy

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Ashraful Musaddeq 29 May 2009

A brilliant compliment allegorical words. 10+++ for this excellent poem.

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Catrina Heart 29 May 2009

A wonderful tribute with a very nice figurative language..............10+++

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Sandra Fowler

Sandra Fowler

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