I Am There Poem by Ronald Strickland

I Am There

Rating: 5.0

In my mind,
I go places that many are not aware of,
nor do they know the pain that haunts my soul.
A place where some have never returned,
and may always remain.
The reality of this place,
the voices and consistent load ringing in the ears.
My eyes filled with tears.
Is the screaming truly my own?
My mind takes me there,
heart and soul,
and no one ever knows.
I see my body when I am there
and it has no control,
for I am here,
and my body is there, reliving life from a past that will never be told.
Sadness consumes my mind, heart, and soul,
in this place where I go.
I am there with only what my mind shows,
in this place where many will never know.
If I should go to this place where my mind goes
without any goodbyes,
just know.
I am there.
In a place consumed with sorrows
and thoughts of stories never told.

Monday, November 13, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: war,war memories
Louise Mcgowan 13 November 2017

Every Story Should Be Told, But Some Never Are Told, If I Could Take Away Some Of Your Sorrows I Would.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 13 November 2017

Such an interesting write, Ronald......a huge 10++++++

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Ronald Strickland

Ronald Strickland

LaFayette, Georgia
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