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Growing Up In Church - Poem by Luke Easter

I remember growing up in church and while sitting in the pew,
A sister praised God for the past week while starting out anew,
Someone testified about a car accident that took a man’s wife,
Are you standing on your feet praising God for blessing your life?

You cannot walk around the corner, climb over or slide under,
When a storm comes into life you will also experience thunder,
But some handle better than others the devastation and hurt?
Did anyone ever stop to think it’s about growing up in church?

Do not become tired of hearing this phrase over and over again,
Instead, stop whatever you’re doing, stand up and shout Amen,
Distress is standard when relying on the limited amount we know,
It’s important to understand that only in a church will you grow.

Ah, but where, when, how, what kind of church should I love?
“By His Stripes, ” worship believing in the power of the Blood,
There’s no other for the remission and forgiveness of our sin,
Here’s another occasion to jump up and cheerfully shout Amen.

Seeking a church, searching for a doctor, who’s the specialist?
This is not ordering a pizza it’s your life do you get my drift?
A family member, co-worker, doubles partner or their friend,
Should only have limited influence on the church you attend.

Is it easier to understand looking in reference to a bank account?
Who is able to receive a positive rating from a negative amount?
Never paying your bills on time what happens to the interest rate?
Can anyone deposit fear and ever expect to withdraw from faith?

Or, riding with a drunk driver behind the wheel comes to mind,
No matter the reason or situation the blind can’t lead the blind,
Keep asking, seeking and knocking sooner or later you will find,
Don’t get upset when it’s not overnight because it will take time.

Thirties, forties, fifties or over, hold on a minute, don’t leave, wait,
True, it is never to early but don’t quit cause it’s also never too late,
Entrance in the heavenly kingdom is not Ennie, Meenie, Minnie, Mo,
Currently in Satan’s clutches doesn’t mean you can’t get up and go.

Having to crawl on your belly before you’re able to stand tall,
Up and down again not only stumbling but there’s many a fall,
Getting close to the brink, feeling almost weak enough to faint,
The mind saying “ultimate disaster is a breath away, ” no it aint.

You simply cannot allow yourself to be vulnerable when alone,
This is when people end up in cults like the one of Jim Jones,
Never rely on compounded feelings or symptoms of the flesh,
That’s what happened to misguided followers of David Koresh.

On a soul searching journey don’t play peek-a-boo with your eyes,
Spilled honey and dog poop on the ground, will both attract flies,
I never saw where grilled hot dogs were sold in a hamburger bun,
If a church denies healing power of the Blood don’t walk away run.

Now catch your breath, calm down, relax, cool your jets, don’t panic,
Keeping watch diligently, stay aware, lest you end up like the Titanic,
How will anyone ever be able to know if it’s true love or just a flirt?
What’s the title of this poem again, oh yeah “Growing Up In Church.”

w/Jeff Rickey Cheeks

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 3, 2008

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