Guilty Dog Poem by Barry Lindelihle Mvelase

Guilty Dog

Rating: 5.0

I was guilty from birth.
Who can judge me?
I was cursed from the womb.
Who can love me?
I failed from the beginning.
What can come out of me?
Like a street dog I am before them all.

The garbage bin I thought was bed.
Ants and flies I thought were mom.
Papers and plastics I thought were dad.
Besides them I knew none.
Sorrow and hurt became friends.
Shame I wore as my only garment.
All they saw was disgust and my shocking smell.

They both enjoyed the moment of their pleasure.
She smiled to him and him to her and loved.
Then I was formed and I intervened.
He went west and she went east, I stayed in the bin.
I was made to bring disgust and to nag.
Happiness hated me, love rejected me and justice ignored me.
Like a homeless dog on the street I am to them all.

I knew no love then I loved none.
I knew no care then I cared for none.
I grew in blame so I blamed everyone.
I grew in hate rate so I hated everyone.
Poverty is my boss, the street is my office.
Everyone who passes by is my victim.
I was guilty from birth who can judge me?


Swimming in a sea of sadness that surges and swells with significance! Well done my friend!

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Beth Bailey 17 September 2009

I liked this. In particular the line 'Happiness hated me.......' and the lines in the last refrain that begin with 'I knew.....' and 'I grew.....'.

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Greenwolfe 1962 19 April 2009

I find this to be a wonderfully creative piece of writing. It was pure joy to read. There was crystal clarity of meaning. Which isn't to say that the reader comes away without any thoughts to examine. Just a great piece. I give it high marks. GW62

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Nkululeko Mdudu 17 April 2009

Guilty of being born in a harsh environment, poor dog. a great and enticing poem, I was engrossed throughout.

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Daryl Young 15 April 2009

Wow, amazing simply amazing. I loved this so much. I think though that the third line is suppose to read 'I was cursed from the womb' without the as. But I could be wrong. My favorite line is 'Happiness hated me, love rejected me and justice ignored me' simply moving. Great, great job. Please feel free to read and comment my works as well please. Thank you Rabbit

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