My Heavy Past Poem by Barry Lindelihle Mvelase

My Heavy Past

Rating: 5.0

It was when I was young
Before I could even consider what I was doing
I took this ball of heavy metal
I hung it around my neck
In joy and childishness I played around it
It pleased my flesh and was irresistible to my heart
Having not realized what it really was, unaware of its capabilities

When juvenile times had passed
And growth had taken its natural course
When it had called for me to move forward in life
With great mountains to climb, to pass from level to level
To take my life to higher altitudes.
But a ball of heavy metal chained around my neck
Its weight upon my soul delaying my progress

Sins long committed, following you all the way
Decisions made long ago affecting your prospect
When in your season of awareness
Sprouts as weed the seed sawn in blindness
A battle no human strength can stand
An inability to dream freely
Trying to raise my head but my past pulling me back down.

Siyabonga A Nxumalo 28 September 2012

Amazing imagery in this great poem, well penned indeed...most of us carry that burden for the rest of our lives, we must just learn accept that, you can never change your past but you can always make your future what you want it to be, skeletons must be locked away in the closet and the keys thrown in the see, we all make mistakes, so we just need to learn from them and never be caught on the same spot again...wonderful poem friend... Siya_! !

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