Hands Of Sin Poem by Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean)

Hands Of Sin

Rating: 5.0

a flame dances upon the candle
dances within the black fumes
the candle melts in years alone
within the dark and dies for all

i'm that flame which dies with water
will it wash over my hands of sin?
the flame won't ever shine again
even if my spirit made its own way

in the midnight at the lonely statue
light torn apart from distant sight
he's forgotten with a sweetest dream
all he wished is sharing one scream

I was sculptured from stone
will steel fall to break my throne?
the iron won't live any longer
fall and break myself I ordered

and among these souls
I can't break these walls
one truth I ever know
faithful men never fall

though I know my patience
will be rewarded sooner or later
I know i'm the knife and the wound
i'm the light and the penetrated one

Lady Grace 11 December 2009

faithful men never fall..maybe...but there are times even great men fall....the piece shows heroism, patriotism, it shows love too...nicely done..

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Obinna Eruchie 11 December 2009

This is such a deep lovely poem.

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The Lost.. 30 November 2009

faithful men never fall, but sometimes they hurt alot.. well done: d

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