Heart Of The Sea Poem by Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean)

Heart Of The Sea

Rating: 5.0

Atmosphere full of fear
Hard to feel the heat of tear
Heart of the sea turns into steel
That dream is only so real

I Iaid my pencil down
Can't bear no more sound
I only sold the dawn
To gain for you a star

The story teller's eyes
Faked one more tale
About a diary full of lies
Shield me from myself

A nightingale singing the old ballad
A mother entwining her daughter's hair
The father is out teaching his son
How to obey the lord's willing

My life became miserable since I
Started to dream of the butterfly's wings
You've been pulled to the flames
As long as I lived wishing for this moment

This is me breathing what your wings blow to me
Nothing will turn the air pure again since you flew
Into the dark I found myself waiting for you
I'm not an eager seeker i'm just waiting for you

Marieta Maglas 11 January 2010

Started to dream of the butterfly's wings nice confessional poem belonging to lyrism 10/10

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Lady Grace 11 January 2010

owww...this is so nice espeially the last part..cheers..

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Stephanie McKean 11 January 2010

This is amazing. Good Job!

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Romeo Della Valle 11 January 2010

Excellent, brother, what a masterpiece, very deep and meaningful, I really understand what you are saying, from the bottom of my heart, since I speak your language...Great poem, you clearly got your message across...Keep it up! 10+++++(Sorry, brother, I have been having problems with the site when it comes to rating, I try and try, many times, but it won't go through...) Love and Peace, Romeo

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Omar Ibrahim 12 January 2010

it's very musical that's what i liked the most....nicely written...thanks for sharing.

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Eyan Desir 12 January 2010

Nice write enjoyable read

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Merna Ibrahim 12 January 2010

Splendid poem! I loved it specially the first stanza, , , Good Work! 10++

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 12 January 2010

This is really a good poem, Hassan, perfectly reflects the title. Imagery is another feature of this beautiful poem. Keep up the good work. Best wishes. Naseer

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Justin Unanue 11 January 2010

A dream. Conducted in the Heart of The Sea. Good poem.

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