Happy Birthday To Jesus Poem by M D Dinesh Nair

Happy Birthday To Jesus

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Jesus the Nazareth,
Yet again a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you
It is your *2017th Birthday,
The pages of history down the Earth say it.

For many have told me you are not dead!
This CHRISTMAS may pass off with hue and cry as ever
But I want you to listen to my appeal as well this time.

You were once the flicker of hope and love
And you burned like a candle
Splashing its light across a tribe of fishermen and shepherds
Yet'they'nailed you to death.

Now you be the flames of care and fire
And burn like the sun above our sky
For the your land has grown far and wide
Ever since you departed us at a young age!

Leave your abode above as there is more distance from here
And come down to us and be our shepherd stronger
Miracles we want, not the magic of men in power or tower,
You know, Lazarus still lies asleep or dead and you wake him up.

Bear your torch of one million rays
And lead us on the pathway crisscrossing
Unto a future once unknown to you or your father
And we need a trillion loaves of bread and billion gallons of water.
Live among us theists, atheists and agnostics
And fill our minds with the glow that once you had.
Lie not crucified between two thieves again
And we have many here to be soon nailed to death and not you!

Jesus the Nazareth, nay, the Universal,
Bear the burden of masses once more
And not the testimony of holy masses any.
Want not a father to look up to
But be our father hence forth.

With due apology to sponsors of conventional Christmas..
Jesus, the Universal,
I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
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*2017- Jesus Christ was born in BC 0004.
Dinesan Madathil 23 December 2013

Thank you Valsa madam for not taking stick like a teacher and liking the relevance of Jesus, the universal...

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Shahzia Batool 24 December 2013

Liked the poem as an apostrophe to Jesus Christ as a well-composed piece; Liked the comment Dinesh ji: Jesus, the Universal...! ! ! a good phrase, indeed! ! ! ...when we all have sufferings, the universal, why can't we address Him as Jesus, the Universal? and there's an urge to ask why to name Him as a Nazareth when on the other hand we call Him Jesus, the Universal? Liked the poets' notes as well: another meaningful phrase of Conventional Christmas, though i don't know much about Christian or atheistic existentialism, but still who can deny that we are existing in a chaotic world, and we are waiting for a saviour...just like kids create mess during the temporary absence of the elders and when the things get out of control, then they start waiting for them to come again to set things right...at least waiting is with a hope, and but a glimmer of hope is enough to vie with the dense darkness of despair...we are living in an age where we can't join our voices with Browning as he sings, God is in His Heaven/All is right with the world, nor we can join with Hardy who says disappointingly, God is not in His Heaven/ All is wrong with the world...though the hope string is not lost..But yes...there's no denying the fact that we are the kids who have created mess... Satire and humor the numb mind is unable to trace out here, but joining you in the wish: Jesus, I wish you the HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY yes, many Happy returns!

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Dinesan Madathil 24 December 2013

Thanks indeed Shahziaji for such a long analysis and thank you both Geetha and Sunprincess.

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Dinesan Madathil 28 December 2013

Thank you Hazel, Baby Rubab, Kavya and Nasarudheenji for all your comments. My poem is glorification of good expectations to be guiding our human spirit. I am not supplicating to the 'dream' of the Second coming of the Jesus as such... I often forget about God and remember the mundane things about man..

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Nasarudheen Parameswaran 28 December 2013

It is a good supplication.According to the Witnesses of Jehovah -a group of Christians based at Watch Tower, USA, Jesus sits at the right side of His Father in the heaven.Father has given all authority to Jesus to rule over the world from the day the I World War began in 1914. It is Jesus now rules us. If we accept the Trinity Argument he is always with us as he is in God and God is in Him. Let us pray and do good and invite people to come to the right path of virtue: sacrifice in service and procure salvation.

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Kavya . 26 December 2013

marvellous write Sir...what a beautiful composition on Jesus' bday!

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Rubab Atwal 25 December 2013

a very beautiful poem......amazing

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Hazel Durham 24 December 2013

I wish Jesus would come bak to us all, but would we believe in him or would history repeat itself as we live in such a cynical world! An amazing write with such beautiful lines!

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