Happy Hour

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Happy hour happy hour
Happy hour i feel the power
Happy hour i am like a flower
Happy hour in my ivory tower

It is not the hour of imbibing
It is not a good wine i m describing
Or at the pub when beer is half price
Or when i am served chicken and rice

It is not when a pastor's speech touches my heart
When i understand creation from the start
When at the synagogue i am in heaven in advance
Nor the feeling of completeness God may grant

Neither is it the quality time i spend
Riding waves, taking the sharp bend
The thrill, the rush, the surge of adrenaline
All splashed up, not a care or worry for my melaninie.

My happy hour when i write a rhyme
My happy hour when i write a stanza
My happy hour when i write a verse
My happy hour when i write a POEM

That is my happy hour
My happiest happy hour

Thursday, October 29, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: poetic expression
Varsha M 29 October 2020

Hour happy high writing word wonder Dipped in delicate desire Developed in daylight dream With wise eyes wide open Imprinting insight constant Woven in thread called wonder Deep down in my soul forever....good poetry..

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Mahtab Bangalee 29 October 2020

Happy hour Yes, it's happy hour When someone writes, reads and understands the self It's happy hour when someone feels everyone through the true perceptions of knowledge

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Phillip Mafunga 29 October 2020

Indeed that is the happiest hour ever. It is a self healing moment.

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