Happy Mother's Day 2022 Poem by Jim Yerman

Happy Mother's Day 2022

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I remember my mom having a collection of hats she stored under her bed.
For any occasion that could arise…she had a hat to set atop her head.

Moms of today are different…often they go out with their heads bare
because of this we don't often realize…all the hats they wear.

If we tried to count all their hats...we can't…for the list goes on indefinitely
perhaps one way to approach it...would be alphabetically.

Moms are Accountants, Babysitters, Chauffeurs...They do what Doctors, and Electricians do
They are Farmers, Governors, Housekeepers, and Ice cream vendors too.

They are Janitors, Kitchen and Laundry workers, and Maids who clean the floor.
They are Nurses, Optometrists, Painters, Quality control inspectors…there's more.

They are Receptionists, Seamstresses, Teachers…Umpires…and not always soft spoken…they are Valets, Wardens, X-Ray technicians who can tell if that bone is broken.

They are Youth counselors and every Mom I know is a keeper of the Zoo
If you're keeping track that's 26 different hats...26 different jobs that all Moms do.

Moms are the original and still the best multitaskers the world has ever met.
In fact, I didn't run out of hats for them...I ran out of alphabet.

I guess it's a good thing each job doesn't have a hat that sits atop Moms head
for there wouldn't be enough room to store them in boxes beneath their beds.

They are visionaries, they are cheerleaders, so much of our existence they adorn
yet they had no experience being a mom until their first child was born.

For it was at that miraculous moment in a panic mixed with calm
when the doctor handed them their baby and said, "Congratulations…you're a Mom! "

And to any Mom who might not have given birth…might not have been there from the start…here's to all the Mom hats you've worn once you opened up your heart.

Do you remember that miraculous feeling…with a mixture of panic and calm…
whether you chose the moment…or the moment chose you…
when you became a Mom?

And therein lies the hat that encompasses all the rest...the hat called motherhood
and to all you Moms out there…I must admit…you make that hat look good.

So to all the Moms everywhere,
here's wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day…for all the things you do…
for all the many hats you wear…
our hats are off to you.

Nabakishore Dash 09 May 2022

A very wonderful poem dedicated to the multitasker mothers of the world. Excellent poet jim.

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