Happy National Hugging Day Poem by Jim Yerman

Happy National Hugging Day

Just in case you were unaware and I imagine you were, I daresay,
Today, January the 21st, is National Hugging day.

It’s not a get-out-of-work holiday, it’s not well known or commonplace
Still it’s a holiday like no other for it’s a day everyone can embrace.

Hugging has proved beneficial it’s one way in which we feel whole
Experts say hugging is healthy, that it’s good for our hearts and our souls.

Studies show as our children grow up, hugging them should be a must,
It helps build their communication skills and is one way they learn how to trust.

A hug is an easy gift to give, we use it to say hello or bid someone adieu
It’s free, you can give it over and over and the only wrapping you need is you.

If you stop to think about the hug itself...it’s beautiful in its design
For not only do you get something from the person you hug but you live a little of yourself behind.

Why not give someone a hug today, after all you never know
How long that hug you’ve just given will last...once the two of you have let go.

So Happy National Hugging day...think of hugging as part of God’s endearing charm
After all if he didn’t want us to hug one another why did he give us two arms?

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