Heart Can Never Lie Poem by Misty Heart

Heart Can Never Lie

Rating: 5.0

We knew this was wrong from the start, but we let it.
We let this feeling grow stronger each day.
We let this love to ever stay.

We knew we could be hurt, but we let it.
We let the pain consume us deep inside...
just to let our hearts decide.

But then i woke up from this dream.
This dream i prayed for all my life.
I wished to die in that dream, but failed.
That dream with you in the sea of love we sailed.

And as I woke with tears down on my face,
I looked for you and stood
as though it was my last day to stand.
Though shaking inside, i fought the urge to hold your hand.

I searched your soul beneath you eyes
and let my heart speak its love that time.
I knew it was the last day you were mine.

'I have to leave, a day or two...but i'll be back.
Do wait for me my love'
And soon as those words left my lips...
my broken heart silently weeps.

Till this day, i can see the soul beneath your eyes.
My heart has heart that day your soul's silent cries.
I know you knew it was a lie.
I know you knew it was goodbye.

Yet till this day, i realize...
that loving you is the most wonderful thing to me.
My lips has lied with that goodbye...
But know now that heart can never lie.

Marvin Brato 05 October 2007

How romantic... yes I agree that the heart can never lie though your lips said otherwise! Beautiful, thanks for sahring. Top mark.

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