' He's In My Dream ' Poem by Riquetta Elliott

' He's In My Dream '

Rating: 3.5

I am covered in heavy cloth
In peace.
I closed my eyes and
Visioned a friend as in
My lover.
As I dream in the mind, I dream that
He is with me.
As we were in covers, our bodies
As I touch him, he touch me.
When I kiss him, he kiss me.
Something amazed that him and I
Was going to make and yes we
Undressed naked.
We were about to begin with the sexual experience,
But the eyes of mine was open.
He was gone.
Then I have a wish of saying I
Wish the presence of my lover who
Called himself a 'Black Fabio' will come
Back into my dreams again.

Roger Cornish 20 February 2008

Wonderous stuff Riquetta... I love... 'Something amazed that him and I Was going to make and yes we was Dressed naked.' Truly awesome! Rogerx.

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Fullest possible expression very original. I see soupcon of T.S Elliot in all the spice that this poem is imbued with Shabash [ Urdu for Atta Boy]

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 23 February 2008

Commendable work, here, Shia. Creative concept/expression of passion & romance. Mellifluous stanzaec movement, allows for a smooth-fluxed read.Keep that pen of yours pumpin', young lady. ~ FjcR ~

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 01 March 2008

wishin ya dreams will come tru!

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This poem has such a solid, physical presence as I read it, it stimulates the nerve endings.

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Vipins Puthooran 25 December 2011

Sweet and wonderful poem///

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Fay Slimm 24 February 2009

Very inventive and equally well worded - - a good write and a ten from me -- Fay..

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Catrina Heart 19 February 2009

Beautiful poetic story, you have narrated well...Thanks for the share...10+++

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Hebert Logerie Sr. 07 February 2009

That's a beautiful poem! A nice story, just check your grammar. I love it, don't give up; keep on writing. Great inspiration!

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Riquetta Elliott 06 February 2009

You mean one error :)

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