' I Stand With Confidence ' Poem by Riquetta Elliott

' I Stand With Confidence '

Rating: 3.3

People treat me like dirt with
Judged envy, but I stand
With confidence.
People called my beauty
Ugly of jealously, still I
Stand with confidence.
People whisper when I perform,
Still I stand with confidence.
A parent tell the truth of my
Physicals she makes I stand

Brabender Josh 28 March 2008

Not unlike 'still i rise', This poem gave me my needed push today. Great poem

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Malini Kadir 03 April 2008

A great job! with super confidence

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David Desantis 14 May 2008

very nice riquetta. This was an inspiring poem that made me think about lifes trials and tribulations. The best way to overcome them is to stand with confidence, and keep on doing what you think is right. Excellent display of that.

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, aryaindia 17 August 2008

The truth of real conviction amply displayed. Great

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Very lovely and convincing..Thanks for sharing. best regards, joan d.h.

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Francis 23 November 2020

I love this end, the word Up, goes up! !

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Jazib Kamalvi 22 February 2018

A good start with a nice poem, Riquetta. You may like to read my poem, Love And. Thank you.

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Lanard Boyd 23 July 2009

Hey bae like I say time and time again u are unique, but in my eyes you are the greatest writer ever. love you sis

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Anjali Sinha 25 February 2009

like Ivor I too say why should u not? your special

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Ivor Hogg 12 February 2009

Why should you not? you are unique

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