Hedge, That Divides The Lovely Poem by Torquato Tasso

Hedge, That Divides The Lovely

Rating: 3.1

Hedge, that divides the lovely
Garden, and myself from me,
Never in you so fair a rose I see
As she who is my lady,
Loving, sweet and holy:
Who as I stretch my hand to you
Presses it, so softly, too.

Susan Williams 27 November 2015

Sweet little poem about love, probably a young new love

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Bernard F. Asuncion 02 September 2017

Such an interesting short poem....

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Kumarmani Mahakul 02 September 2017

Dismay or hate is hedge like that separates the love garden. Nice outlook. Thanks and congratulations to his soul.

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Lantz Pierre 02 September 2017

Dismay or hate is a great suggestion for the meaning of the hedge. I like that. But it's pure supposition without any backing in the text. It might be his own hideous appearance or his abject poverty or a million or things. We just don't know.

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The outlook is nice indeed. I love it.

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Jim McCue 25 August 2022

The automated reading of this poem is appalling.

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Melvin Yocum 23 August 2018

Please! ! ! Some one delete the oral reading by the virtual voice. It's like Siri or a generic voice mail recording. Simply destroys any of the sense of the poem. Ugh! !

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Savita Tyagi 28 April 2018

I have been reading the comments below and just felt like putting my two word about hedge. Hedge is the key word. It seems to represent the reality of life - a life where the partner in life are not always so full of love the way we see in our imagination. The lovely lady of dreams is always by you pressing your hands but the one behind hedge of life is not like that.

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Savita Tyagi 28 April 2018

Such a soft and tender poem. Watching the garden the lover is fully consumed with love for his lady.

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Sixtus Unfailingdreams Osim 02 September 2017

''Who as I stretch my hand to, Press it, so softly, too''...such tenderness; a great sign of love. A good poem indeed!

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