Holy Color Poem by Preetam Shetty

Holy Color

Rating: 5.0

Born with no knowledge
No pride, no honour
I am a human
In the search of a holy color

First I gazed at a holy pillar
White and revered
On the cross
Was the holy shepherd

Next I wandered
Temples and shrine
Saffron I saw
The color was divine

A bit further I went
Heard a voice pure and clean
With a star on half moon
The color was green

Gazing at the sky
I am still very keen
Is it White?
Saffron or green

Then at a distance
I watch this mortal
Helping a aged
Struggling to Toddle

Farther I see a kid
Sharing his supper
With a starving animal
Satisfying its hunger

Smilingly while I walked
On grass and weed
Saw a pauper waiting for someone
Wanting to feed

My hands all of a sudden
Raised him a dollar
Because now they knew
Humanity was my holy color


A poem that makes you wonder.... humanity, love. A lovely interwoven piece. Well done.

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Gita Ashok 20 May 2010

Such a beautiful blend of colors, religion and human emotions - all intertwined. After reading this one, I could see a rainbow in my 'mind's eye'!

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E DM 14 May 2010

I like this poem a lot. it is beatifully written and the subject is deep. Bravo indeed! I also like the idea of associating colors with religions. It is personal and interesting. Well done. Enea

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