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Homosexuality: If It Were The Norm.... [human Sexuality; What If? ; Perceptions] - Poem by Bri Edwards

I believe most human societies are heterosexual at their core.
Homosexuality is often viewed variously as sinful, abnormal, and more.
To avoid punishment or unpleasantness many homosexuals have "lied".
Now many gays who have hidden or held back will not be denied.

At least in America I believe homosexuality is no longer a crime.
Gay unions and even marriages are gaining recognition over time.
The Boy Scouts* still ban gays, making their organization harder to sell.
But the Pentagon has finally dropped the anti-gay motto "Don't ask. Don't tell."

All of which makes me wonder how different American society would be.....
if the majority of citizens were homosexual, not straight like me.
Even the name "straight" might change; maybe I'd be called "skewed".
I might be shunned if it was discovered that women, not men, I screwed.

What if human societies evolved with homosexuality the norm?
Would religious leaders proclaim heterosexuality an amoral storm?
Would the "new straights"/homosexuals think of the "skeweds" as sick?
Would Boy Scouts* only "homo" men and boys choose, .... and no heterosexuals pick?

I believe heterosexuality may have evolved as, OR has always been,
the norm, due to "hetero-sex" being needed... to produce more kin.
Of course babies can NOW be produced without sex being "done".
Many people (present day straights) would say "that" takes away some fun.

If you believe as I do, you believe "gays" are gay when they come out of their mother.
But their sexual inclinations, a "straight" society does often smother.
I doubt homosexuality will ever be, in America, the norm;
if it is, I hope, to the "new rules", we can all peacefully conform.

[* Boy Scouts of America voted (since I wrote this) to allow gay boys as Scouts in 2014]

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

this IS what i believe, and it goes along with my 'gay troubles' poem (and poem 'story') to express my feelings about the subject. one of my readers took some offense at my use of 'lace' in the much shorter 'gay troubles' poem, and also questioned some other parts of it, AND why, in my poem story, i chose to point out that i am not gay (as i also pointed out in the 'norm' poem) . it is just for the reader's information; let him or her use the information as they may.

Comments about Homosexuality: If It Were The Norm.... [human Sexuality; What If? ; Perceptions] by Bri Edwards

  • Ellias Anderson Jr. (6/19/2013 3:02:00 AM)

    Bri, i believe that we should respect all the believes and way of living but in a social that is hanging by religion and so old customs, homosexuality will be known as sexual deviations. in these societies, homosexuals try to act in silence and its much harmful. but we are all born norm, not Homosexuals and its the man or the woman that choose to be what. as we look more better, we will see that everything in this world has a mate, Electron is the mate of proton, + and -, Men and Women, if this world does not go on with rules, there should be no other mate that complete us. i myself don't like to live in a social that consist of Homosexuals, because in the future my children and my family will live in that social and take effect. homosexuality is kind of mental illness i think. and the things that going on between them, is not love, its lust and libido that make these homo people. and it is my idea that we should live in a pure way. but we shouldn't attack the homosexuals and insult them we should help them to back in the normal life.
    AS always a good write.
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  • (6/17/2013 8:42:00 AM)

    Very well considered, and supportive of the differences that make us whole and stronger by acceptance of each other allowing us to focus on so many other important issues. (Report) Reply

  • (6/12/2013 3:16:00 AM)

    you write so badly
    hick hick
    and listen i am a girl and original and i am orphan
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