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I would not deny
That I could not
Dream or swim
But it was in my dream
Slipped in a deep of ditch
My hands were tied
Legs were not working
I was drowning and drowning
From deep to deeper I felt
Suffocated and strangulated,

As I would not be alive, I would
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Unwritten Soul 09 April 2012

When you drown with hopeless day never cry because it rise the water level :) and never act aggressively because it will drown u deeply..when you swim learn from dolphin..it move smooth when you calm..calm down dear when you about to sink and move your hand and leg toward the hope, a ray of light above with descent move you will reach the surface and save..I am glad u found Rope of hope and it's better in emergency! ! ! ! ! :) take care_Unwritten SOul

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hope is cause of pleasure, subtly described.

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Rekha Mandagere 19 April 2012

Fine imagery and excellent way of handling the theme.Nice write :)

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Rigzin Namgyal 15 April 2012

..hope is what keeps us going even if we are in the deepest pits of adversity... ..a nice poem..loved it...

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the moment we most feel like giving up is when we must continue trying, one way or another, ray of hope will lighten our lives.the message conveyed by your poem is inspiring.however trodden we might get, we can always rise.

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Neela Nath Das 12 April 2012

A bright poem of optimism. You tried so the rope of hope helped you! Thanks for sharing this nice poem!

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Spiritual Seeker 10 April 2012

Even in a dream.....the beacon of hope is not forgotten! ...nicely put, the rope of hope! Thanx for sharing.

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