Hope And Courage Poem by Joshua Fegley

Hope And Courage

Rating: 4.8

It's been eleven years,
since I first met you.
I know that the blessed,
are far and few.

I wish I saved myself
just for you.
As I write this poem,
only for you.

Something I thought,
I could never do.
I hope you accept this poem,
from me to you.

Times have seemed to change,
yet so many things remain the same.
There are so many things I have learned,
and so many pages that I have turned.

People are always changing,
trying to play the part.
Yet the only movement I felt,
is the one inside my heart.

The Gods have shined down on me,
to give me the courage to write to thee.
Yes or no, right or wrong,
my faith in us, will be forever strong.

Although my will was not enough,
to share my feelings before you left.
I respect our friendship the way it exists,
I can't help wondering if more could exist.

I think of the good times that we shared,
I never knew the burdens you bared.
I really wish I knew your pain,
I'd have done anything to take it all away.

There were so many things I wanted to say;
but here I am writing so far away.
Thousands of miles and an ocean away,
my feelings for you will always remain.

I haven't much to give,
only one life to live.
So little money and so few possessions,
a simple man with no obsessions.

For my hope carries me on,
and my faith makes me strong.
My heart and soul and love for you,
these are what I offer you.

With a soul,
as stong as you;
when I sleep,
I dream of you.

My faith and thoughts of happiness,
you're my sanity in this world of madness.
You remain in my thoughts everyday,
and I hope we will meet another day.

Holly Heron 14 October 2006

i like, i know the feeling. Holly xox

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Skylar Fulmer 19 October 2006

I completly know how you feel Joshua. Its like we; ve been through alot of similar things. ~Skylar~ <3

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Edward Kofi Louis 04 April 2016

There are so many things i have learned! Nice work.

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Elizabeth Sheaffer 31 December 2006

This poem is very lyrical, and I think it captures the spirit of unrequited love so well... I'm impressed. I like this one best of the ones I've read.

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Lylyanna Pilewski 29 December 2006

Such a great poem. I forgot what i was going to say darn. somehting different from what I've been writing wow I really have no idea what i was going to write but i loved the poem. It's so sweet and pure it was very beautiful. It's real poetry. Great poem. Lylyanna

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J T 10 December 2006

I love it! A very beautiful poem.

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Asma Bahrainwala 22 November 2006

this is such a beautiful poem... each word is perfect...n it reads so well... this poem just flows... Asma...

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