Goodbye...My Love Poem by Joshua Fegley

Goodbye...My Love

Rating: 4.8

I put the shotgun to my head,
a fraction from now I'll be dead.
An ounce of lead pierces into my head,
cerebrial fluid starts to spread.
A life of woe I have led...
Oh how much I have bled.
My body twitches on the bed,
seconds later I'm officially dead.
Well I guess enough has been said;
this poem is covered in fragments from my head.


Nice poem Joshua! ; D i liked it alot! check out mine sometime! ! !

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Holly Heron 14 October 2006

i love the direct style of this poem, good work. Holly xox

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Alisha Chamberlin 20 October 2006

I love this poem, it's really good! Alisha

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Whitney Davison 11 February 2007

i love this poem its great i can really relate to it... its so deep and it captures the reader.. even for people that have no intrest in poetry if they read this poem they feel lyk there thier this peom is very kool and i like it alot!

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Lylyanna Pilewski 29 December 2006

love the last line adds depth. not that it needed depth or anything i just like it. Great poem. Lylyanna

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Ashley Ross 21 December 2006

wow thats sad thank s for the comment

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J T 10 December 2006

Its very sad, but also very good.

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Nathan Strange 23 November 2006

lovely, now who's gonna clear up the mess, your Mum?

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