I Am Fading Away Poem by Joshua Fegley

I Am Fading Away

Rating: 5.0

As I stand,
feeling the rain;
flowing over me,
washing away my pain.

The wind blows cold,
my skin turns old.
With every passing day,
I am fading away.

The rain kisses my face,
feeling so cold;
reminiscent of the memories,
that I hold.

In an attentive gaze,
through a mental haze.
Just another dying day,
I am fading away.

Asma Bahrainwala 19 October 2006

nice poem.. Asma...

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Alisha Chamberlin 20 October 2006

As I read your poems I can picture mine for I write poems like yours, yours reminds me so much of mine, I love this poem, it's beautiful. Alisha

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Lisa Emry 21 October 2006

Joshua, Awesome poem. I felt those days and you have captured them perfectly. Those are the days we wished we could die but motivate us to stay alive and make a legacy. Awesome! Lisa

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Tahnee ? ? ? 22 November 2006

i like this poem... good work.

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Alison Smith 23 November 2006

Invisibility only removes you from seen pain...Take Care of the unseen

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Carmen Cole 22 January 2007

Hey, that was a great poem.

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Zana Gg 20 January 2007

i like it great poem...

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Elizabeth Sheaffer 31 December 2006

This reminds me of some of my earlier stuff... (Not that you can get much earlier at 16..) These days it's more morbid and depressing... I like the imagery in this one. Most of your poems have amazing imagery. I can actually see what you describe. Beautifully written.

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Katrina DeLee 21 December 2006

I really like this poem, Great writing!

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Aliyah Al-Sharji 02 December 2006

i really liked this poem, spiclly in the frist part when u said. as i stand feeling the rain flowing over me, washing away my pain.. i really liked it

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