Housework Poem by Christine Kerr


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Prograstination can be a bummer,
Once your caught, it has your number.
Giving up or giving in
Can be the beginning or the end.

Housework is done during dawn to dust
But in this house, it is not a must.
If you think my mess is like no other,
you aught to see both of my brothers.

Dishes are soaking in the sink
Hate to admit something may stink.
Try as I might, it's just not in the air.
To show the world that I really care.

I made a plan during my writing,
To start the cleaning in my sighting.
The best way to get a dent in the room,
Is search through the mess till I find my broom.

Stephen Stirk 07 May 2009

Wonderful Chris, as usual. In our house, my wife puts the dishes into soak for three weeks (usually forgets about them) . I love the wickedness of your humour. I wrote one last week about housework called 'Kitchen - One Mans Quest'. As a comedy writer, I would love your opinion. Best Steve

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This is fun! I have a friend who created a character who hated housework and when she couldn't sleep she counted maggots in the flour! On my fridge if have got a magnet saying 'Boring women have immaculate homes'. I love your humor and your poem! 10/10 Karin Anderson

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Sandra Martyres 25 April 2009

Hilarious Christine...I am sure that there are many of us who will be able to sincerely empathise with you on this subject.......10++ from me

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