Hard Times Poem by Christine Kerr

Hard Times

Rating: 5.0

In this recession, the hard times begin
No one knows when it will all end
A few lucked out, playing their cards.
For them, life won't be hard,

Played my cards, with talent that I lack
Wished I had more, hidden under my hat,
A witches brew and all their goo,
Couldn't make life easier for me or you.

The trick is not to feel the despair,
The time has come to show we care
Break down the wall, depend on each other,
Be thankful, for all my sisters and brothers.

All the electronics are here to stay,
No power will come, selling on E-Bay
Wished I could fix this huge mess,
Life feels like a game of chess.

Times are tough,
Seen it before,
There just wasn't as much,
To throw out the door.

Life was good, when I was busting at the seams,
For now, my warmth comes from eating pork and beans.
Wished this recession would gave me the break,
The hell with it, tonight I'm eating steak.

Stephen Stirk 07 May 2009

Your poems are relative, because they are about actual issues. The recession is hard hitting, but I like the way that you make the association that not everyone will feel it. The poem gives a feeling of pulling together which gives warmth. I think that the recession has actually made things far easier for the rich. Things like cheaper petrol and tumbling interest rates look great if you already had money to start with. 15.93451316481 ++++++++++++++++ Steven Poverty Stirk

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Gordon Wilkinson 03 May 2009

Yes we have been through recessions before, it will end and family does help - enjoyed this - mmmmmmmmmm steak (got a spare one)

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Kesav Easwaran 29 April 2009

The recession will end...but not before making we eat few more steaks...good relevant write on a relevant subject...thanks, Christine...10

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Daniel Hooks 26 April 2009

I really like this poem 10! ! !

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