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I was born in Brooklyn, but I now live in upstate NY with my family. I am a faux stained glass artist, a lover, a journalist, a thinker, a mechanic, a passionate person... with much too much time on my hands. I've been writing since I was 16... perhaps one day I'll be good at it?

'For when I sample your angel'd prose, my heart soars... my soul ...

Eila Mahima Jaipaul Poems


There is no sweeter sound,
than my breath,
held hostage,
captured amidst,

An Intimidated Poet

I lost my pen, love
it ran out of ink.
all I have left
is a pencil with

The Things I Do With Lips (Or I Will Kiss You)

I will kiss you
good night
good morning
good day

The Last Words That Fall From Knowing Eyes

I can hear you whispering
in the night silence of my room
my heart surrenders to you...
like the sun to the moon.

A Beautiful Dream

you appear there
in front of me
very nearly transparent
your presence looking like a reflection

Eila Mahima Jaipaul Comments

Kee Thampi 11 December 2006

Really this great poet for me is ebullient and more eccentric in her views...and writes...very simple but it inveighs our inuredness.... she never condone anything..... inept, infect.. what happens to the unwanted souls? do they wander looking and lost? I wish to read her poems again and again in this free X mas days.... do they remain staid?

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Peter Trenear 14 January 2006

I love reading these poems. My Wife was also Eila. These keep me reminded, there is joy, there are tears. So far, I have read only a few But I will read them all

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