How To Make A Perfect Cup Of Tea Poem by Paula Glynn

How To Make A Perfect Cup Of Tea

First start with a boiling kettle
Don't let yourself get distracted
Don't let anyone meddle
For you shall be master
Of the sophisticated kettle

Put the teabags into the cup:
Choose a stylish and colourful cup
With various designs from
Modern art to fun cartoons
To even famous mottos sung in songs

Pour the near boiling water
Into the cups of your choice
Making sure your teabags
Are Tetley Tea, PG Tips
Or even the defined Earl Grey

Consider different tea flavours
From fruit teas: to strawberry and raspberry
To herbal teas, such as peppermint tea
Just explore a local tea shop
And think about your tea options

Leave the chosen teabag
To brew for a good three minutes
Then thoroughly stir and pour
Add a dash of milk and some sugar
If you so desire

Your friends and family
Will certainly worship you
For making perfect tea
And your lunch breaks at work
Will never be boring with PG Tips

Because tea is worldwide
Its traditions and social events
Evolve around that cup of tea
People sitting and talking with cake
Together in each other's company

This includes PG Tips
With breakfast
Whether soggy breakfast cereal
Or a well cooked breakfast
Tea always drunk at the start of the day

Tea is served at lunchtime:
With any hot lunch
Enough food to settle the stomach
And stop those hunger pains
That strike when without enough food

Traditional tea to also be made
Of a relaxing evening time
Family sitting around the table
And knowing it'll be bedtime soon
Tea the next day they do correctly assume

So don't let your tea go cold:
Drink it all up and enjoy its lovely taste
Don't let all that effort go to waste
Because tea is an important tradition
And the way people will always bond.

Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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