Human? Poem by Jim Yerman


Rating: 5.0

Look out over our planet…no doubt you will see…a collection of people in all shapes and sizes…it's called Humanity.

We are all called Humans…but you don't have to look very far before you begin to wonder just how Human…we Humans truly are.

If we are to call ourselves Human…I'm sure anthropologists would agree…
then one quality we must all possess…and share…is our Humanity.

If we are to call ourselves Human…then we must all do our part…to act with love, compassion, generosity, benevolence…with a kind and tender heart.

Again, on this point I'm sure anthropologists would agree…without acceptance, kindness and love for one another…there can be no Humanity

Until as a species we can look into our hearts…until we can find and share our Humanity….
We must find a more appropriate name to call ourselves...
because Humans…we will never be.

Sylvia Frances Chan 02 September 2021

Beautiful couplets, dear Jim

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 September 2021

Excellent poem and good philosophy on lief and humanity. Powerful words for a great poem. Dear Jim, you excel in this poem,5 Stars full

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Kim Barney 02 September 2021

Great poem from a great HUMAN! Five stars, Jim!

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 01 September 2021

Wonderful poem with a meaningful message to humanity. Well expressed and crafted.

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