I Am An African Poem by Siyabonga A Nxumalo

I Am An African

Rating: 4.7

Not because im black.
But because my heart warms
And tears run down my face
When i think about AFRICA.

I am an African,
Not because i live here,
But because the African
Sun lit my paths.
Because the air that i breath
Is from these majestic mountains.

That air nurtured me
Growing up.

I am an African,
Not because i can speak
Swahili, Shona, Zulu or Xhosa.
But because my heart is
Shaped like a question mark,
Just like AFRICA.

I am an African,
Not because i am black,
But because my umbilical cord
Is burried under the majestic
Mountains of AFRICA.

Patricia Grantham 03 June 2013

Your poem speaks of a true love for your country. No matter what goes on there should be a sense of belonging to the place of your heritage. The beautiful wildlife, nature, the people all live in a very special bond of existence. God bless Africa and all of the nations on earth. Peace to my brothers and sisters. An excellent write.

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Howard Savage 20 January 2016

I am Africa not because I am black, but because I was sent to America in chains, but I have rose above the pain. Great poem.

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you are my brother then

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Ofentse Mercy Hajane 08 April 2013

Well, like they always say, we are all people Afo-rui-ka. Should we shout out loud to the stars above: Africa our Begining Africa our ending. lovely. :)

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Deluke Muwanigwa 24 September 2020

Beautiful poem. I am African too not because i can speak English mixed with Shona (Shonglish) but because thats what I am. Makadini henyu poet. Isu kuno tinofara hedu. Great ode to mama Africa

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Thobile Hlongwane 29 March 2019

yes I am an African... nice poem Siyabonga

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sello 09 May 2019

very good one I wish I do have a copy of

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Ngoako Pholohane 24 February 2019

I love this poem and I am going to perform it at the cultural competitions

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Ntombizodwa 18 September 2018

Your poem makes me feel wow

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Ayanda 13 September 2018


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