I Am Honored Poem by Siyabonga A Nxumalo

I Am Honored

Rating: 5.0

That you took your time
And opened my page.

Though my bio is not catchy,
And there's not profile picture
So you can put a face behind
These writings.

But you took your time
And visited my page.
And for that...
I'm honored.

That you did read my poems,
Even though the titles are not catchy,
And sometimes the wording is not as amazing.
But you read them anyway.
And for that...
I'm honored.

That you wrote your valuable comments,
Your inspiring comments inspred me
To write again, because when you called me
You put a smile on my face...

Coz to be called by you a friend,
Is an honor to me.

To be part of this amazing site,
To interact with such knowledgeable poets,
To be called a friend by best poets in the world,
And to be able to add my two cents worth comment
On your poems is an honor to me.
I am indeed honored.

Thanks for all the comments on my poems and words of encouragement, you all are shining stars, just those words makes every poet wana write more and always be on this site even though other commitment make us stay away from this site for weeks or even months but I know we all appreciate the friendship we share here...you are all wonderful and I know across the oceans and rivers and mountains I have brothers and sister...bless ya'll.
Wahab Abdul 23 June 2013

very good you nicely said, liked it

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Unwritten Soul 23 June 2013

I dont need a great bio to know someone, or a face to convince you are my friend, even not looking who big your name in your area..i do look your words, its purity that come from honest heart, that gently swipe my mind from feel down as when we talk we found honesty, we meet joy and we meet a sense that tell we a human, same as you are and they are...with feeling and no greedy...after all life is nothing without love to each other, where only peace is our melody and tie our words in poetry_Soul

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Valerie Dohren 23 June 2013

And I am honoured that you take time to read mine Siya. It's a great site to belong to, we are like one big family.

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Valsa George 23 June 2013

As Valerie has rightly put, the feelings you expressed here are reciprocal! I feel honoured when you read my lines even though other commitments make you stay away! I honour these words coming from a heart whose love transcends over boundaries! !

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Jenie Franksay 25 June 2013

same here. nice tribute to poemhunter.

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Nancy Oyula 25 August 2015

.....Though my bio is not catchy, And there's not profile picture So you can put a face behind These writings........ I love that. Proud African here too: -)

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and i have always wanted to read any peace written by you again The_African_Son

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Nontobeko Dlamini 13 August 2013

Just amazing! One who appreciate the presence of those who would have been considered the least important in the bigger picture of ones life, has indeed a noble heart. Thank you.

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Heather Wilkins 05 August 2013

this is an amazing write Siya. I am so pleased to have such lovely people as yourself. This makes the journey in writing all worth while.

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Ramesh Rai 25 July 2013

wonderful; keep writing. I feel myself honored because of you, visited my page two years back and inspired me when i was new for PH and still continuing and we will be pen frnd till death. this is my oath.

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