A Poem For Her! Poem by Siyabonga A Nxumalo

A Poem For Her!

Rating: 5.0

I can smell the
Nice scent, of a
Freshly cut grass.

White birds are flying
High up in the sky.....
Doing their usual play,
following each other
Like penguins.

That broad smile on
Your face.....
That joy on
Your eyes.....
That love in
Your melodic voice....

Baby, you're all
I'm living for.....

The warmth of those tiny hands...
The warmth of those tiny lips....
The warmth of that melodic voice.....
That warm smile my love......

Even though trials are
Always around the corner....but,
papa will always be here for you.

When heavy storms and
Strong winds abduct you.....
I'll be your pillar of strength.

I promise not to live
Your life for you, but
Just to support and guide you.

Unwritten Soul 07 February 2012

WOooow Siya you showing your loving side so boldly here...hmmm that was enough flavor, and spices...you strike the heart of many readers again! _Unwritten Soul

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Marvin Brato 09 February 2012

Indeed, this is a remarkable poem; honorable love!

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Lusekelo Simwela 16 March 2012

nice writing.....beautiful poem

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Neela Nath Das 01 July 2012

Heart warming poem.Very nice Siya.Loved it.

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Anita Sehgal 12 October 2012

such a beautiful thought... touching...

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Captain Herbert Poetry 29 April 2014

A tender loving care. So passionate and lovely. Beautiful poem from the inner heart. Perfect and rated 10. Please rate and comment on my poems Thank you very much

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Lindo Mvelase 30 July 2013

this poem tells how a man should love his woman. i like the wording and the feelings expressed, ay` mmfwethu this poem is good, in fact most of yours that I've read. cha uloba ezingeni nsizwa

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Zandile Zoya 30 July 2013

i promise not to live your life 4 you, but just to support and Guide you wooew #ndithule

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Neela Nath Das 06 June 2013

So loving heart is yours.Tenderness and affection, love and liability all are intermingled stupendously.Great Siya!

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Patricia Grantham 03 June 2013

I really love this poem. Such endearing words that can really melt the heart into a pool of water. A love so tried and true could only belong to someone like you. I enjoyed this lovely rendition of love. A good write.

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