Home Sweet Home Poem by Siyabonga A Nxumalo

Home Sweet Home

Rating: 4.7

Dusty roads greeted me
With a smile.
Welcoming me back,
I'm home,
Home sweet home.

I slowly drove past
Herds of cows and goats feeding.
Ha! Ha!
I'm home,
Home sweet home.

I see children playing,
Runing up and down,
Singing their lungs out.
I'm home,
Home sweet home.

I meet elders ryding
Their twenty-something old bicycles.
Waving at me as i pass by,
Smiling that honest smile.
I'm home,
Home sweet home.

I see women with their babys
0n their backs, coming from maize plantations.
Even though its boilin g hot,
They still have that smile,
That smile that can melt ice at antartica.
It reminds me.....
I am home.

I see the black eagle
Soaring high up in the sky.....
I see those majestic mountains,
That have been my dear friend growing up,
That swallowed livestock and humans.
They are covered by a beautiful
Green blanket.....
Its beautiful.....
I am home.

Red and white butterflies
Are everywhere, hugging and
Kissing every flower they see.
I'm home,
Home sweet home.

I am home.....
Where nights are quiet and peaceful.
Where days are long and joyful.
Where respect is the order of the day.
Mmm! i smile a genuine smie,
Because here, there are no fake smiles.

I can feel that cool breeze,
That tar roads, gigantic buildings
And massive firms swallow in the city.
I am home.....

Here, i am a father and uncle
To every child.
It takes the whole village
To raise a child.Right?
I am a brother, a cousin and a son.

I am home.....
Where i can wake up in
The morning and smile
With the rising sun, without
Hearing no police siren
As they chase down criminals.

I am home.....
Where i can go up the
Mountain and just look
At the sinking sun.
When its pinkish, goldish
And redish reflections makes
Wonders on the sky.

My heart bit with these
Majestic mountains.
I am home.....
Home sweet home!

Thomas Duncky 13 February 2012

Truly sounding like a real African home, even without telling it one simply knows it. Great description and a good flow of simple sweet lines. Couldn't stop reading it once i started. Congratulations for making it on member poem of the day!

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The Is No Way I Would Have Not Showed My Gratitude to such beautiful work Bra Siya, ... I love this poem undoubtful the fact that I repeated atleast 3 times, say a lot about how inspiring it is, Betha ungayeki ngonyama yaseMtubatuba

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Zibele Mrasi 16 February 2012

God I' with no reason just to go back to my childhood lol now this is a poem I was half way then I forgot that I'm reading cause this vision of is in my mind had to start over tjo I never be this happy about a poem

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Zoila T. Flores 12 July 2017

Home Sweet Home! It's always a pleasure. Zoila T. Flores

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 27 September 2017

Thanks Zoila.

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Sandile Mabaso 19 April 2016

Good poem, Zwide. Regards, Sandile Mabaso

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Mntungwa, ngyazibongela bhuti.

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* Sunprincess * 17 July 2014

...........home is where the heart is....and this beautiful poem is a true confirmation....

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Savita Tyagi 16 July 2014

A lovely picture painted of home coming. Nothing can be sweeter to memory then being with your own at your childhood place. Great poem. Thank you for sharing and thank you so much for your comment and appreciation for my poem.

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Akhtar Jawad 19 June 2014

Siya I was amazed, what a lovely poem describing the true beauty of a rural area.

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