I Am An Old Flower Poem by Smoky Hoss

I Am An Old Flower

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I am a flower,
born a long time ago,
now out of bloom
I have little beauty to show -
Once she plucked me with joy,
and loved me so true;
then between pages I faded,
as her happiness did too -
She took me out
one harsh cold day,
contemplating in tears
whether to keep, or throw me away -
My case I pleaded,
as best I could;
a flower has so few words,
none of them very good -
She, I believe, did her best
my soul's voice to hear;
it's not easy to listen
when the past is screaming, 'fear, fear, fear' -
No further talk will be heard
pleading my fate;
mine is only to hope, pray
and wait -
Still, I am an old flower
with much love yet to share.
Hold me again... feeling once more,
how deeply an old flower truly does care -

Susan Williams 15 August 2022

ah, but there is beauty in grey hair and laughter lines around the eyes and mouth and beauty in wisdom learned through the years and most of all the aging flower understands the delicacies of love... a million stars shine on this aged flower

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M.J. Lemon 09 August 2022

A truly sublime verse, Smoky. Sooner or later, each one of us will find out how it feels to be that flower.

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