I Am Singing The Spiritual Song Poem by Hebert Logerie

I Am Singing The Spiritual Song

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I am singing the spiritual song
‘Cause many have done wrong
To me, to my siblings and to my race
I am humming the amazing grace
‘Cause this song gives me the courage
And strength to deal with this outrage.

I am singing, I am humming
‘Cause the Lord gave me the strength
To cross barefooted the length
Of the journey from winter to spring
From somber autumn to sizzling summer
Like a gentle and undaunted tiger.

I am singing, I am wailing
‘Cause somebody has been causing
A great deal of suffering and pain
To my race. My brothers did not die in vain
My God will fight for us and avenge us
The Almighty Father will help us carry the cross.

I am humming, I am crying
'Cause I am not happy, I am sad
Thanks Heaven, at all times, Our God
Has been on our side from frosty winter to cool spring
From autumn to summer; have no pity for me
‘Cause I have God’s blessings and sympathy.

Akachukwu Lekwauwa 11 July 2015

I can hear your deep song. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem 'Calculus Of A Life Time'

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