I Can'T Explain This Poem by Frankie Stones

I Can'T Explain This

The felling inside I could not explain,
A great delight which only brought a smile to my face,
As the despair of normal day life left my heart.
I felt someone had wrote my name in the starts,
This sensation I had not felt in a long time,
Someone had smiled on me to build all my confidence,
This was now, almost ready to over flow.
I felt like I had forgotten every one I once held so dearly close,
Lost them and found every single one of them at once.
You gave me my happiness back,
A priceless gift and for that,
I Thank You.

Donall Dempsey 23 August 2007

That happiness of the heart is always there but sometimes it gets lost or...all that that someones does is remembers your heart for you and remembers your heart to you and puts you back in touch with yourself...as E.M. Foster says...Only Connect...Only Connect...they just don't push your buttons...they show you how to push your own button...so that...the rest is you. Once you have discovered your self again then you begin to explore and once you begin to explore...well that's what words and poetry is for...enjoy the journey and keep on going... love Donall Donall

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Linda Weischedel 22 August 2007

Good job on this poem Frankie. You spoke of the past and the present, which I find to be an attraction for a poet. Keep 'em rolling! Always, Linda

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