I Carry A Dream Poem by sookdeo manansingh manansingh

I Carry A Dream

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I carry a dream
like a cloud in my soul
to share the message of peace
and to enlighten the world
i have dominion over every creature
upon planet earth
so be the treasure of wisdom
to fulfill my purpose of birth

i carry a dream
like a wave in the sea
to reach the shore
and set my desire free
like the butterfly
which takes the nectar
out of the flowers
in pursuit of its flight
i seek after the weapon of knowledge
to conquer the mind
and continue the fight

i carry a dream
like a seed in the garden i grow
to nurture with love and affection
under the moonlit glow
the fruit of my action
will yield to become
like a beacon in the sky
for the footprints i leave behind
will lead to everlasting faith
in everything i try

upon my shoulder
the cross will remain
symbolic to my ancestral deeds
which i must follow
to escape the prison of the flesh
and to exist in the spirit of tomorrow
i carry a dream like a shadow
of a silent flame
whosoever wants to heal the mind
will repeat my name.

D.N. Rebb 21 January 2023

What a beautifully flowing poem

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