I Knew It's Not A Fairytale Poem by Misty Heart

I Knew It's Not A Fairytale

I heard a tale from a fair maiden;
that happened long ago.
My mind was disturbed; my heart- shaken;
just after i heard it so.

It spoke of endless love therein...
of a goddess to a man.
Of how a love is truly seen
to be better in any land.

That from sullen earth to heavens...
hearts just knew where they belong.
From outer space to deepest oceans;
must a goddess know her song.

It spoke how tragic it briefly ends;
and the death of mortal man.
Of how the goddess have to mend
her heart... with him is gone.

My heart was struck; felt deep sensations
I didnt know existed before.
I saw in dreams... in vague visions
and could have known much more.

I knew it's not a fairytale...
my heart has said it so.
I knew inside I cannot fail
I lived so long ago.

I recall I had said before
my love would be eternal.
Even death I do not fear...
for love must conquer all.

And now I live to love you more
and long for everyday.
I'd search for you just like before...
in the most enchanting way.

I maybe lived so many lives
and each had made a tale.
I heard it and i lived with it...
it's not just a fairytale.

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