I Wanna Poem by Misty Heart

I Wanna

Rating: 4.5

There are many things I wanna do; So much I would have done. Things I wanna share with you; Things I realized till you're almost gone.

I wanna tell you everyday of my life; how much I value someone like you.
I wanna let you know without any lie;
The special feeling I have for you.

I wanna see your face each time you sleep; Wanna hold your hand in mine.
Touch your cheeks, your nose, and your lips. Watch you to know you're fine.

I wanna talk with you every second, every minute; wanna see you each time you smile. Wanna laugh with you without a time-limit; or even cry with you for awhile.

I wanna talk with you and feel you beside me; See the sun together as it rises. Whispering words as we caress so sweetly; welcome the day with full of surprises.

I wanna sit beside you; with your arms around me. Treasuring such wonderful moments. Speaking of things we understand completely, watching the sun as it sets.

I wanna live my whole life with you;
Together dream of the things we wanted.
Together fulfill those dreams all through,
And hope all our wishes be granted.

I'll treasure you as my own; Accept you as for who you are. I won't go away; won't leave you alone; I don't want us to be too far.

I wanna be there for you always; Comfort you when you feel cold. I wanna spend with you all my days; to feel, to love and to hold.

I wanna dance with you in the silence of the night; Feel your heartbeat in mine. Feel your arms around me tight; Together jive to the music's rhyme.

I wanna be with you in your special moments. Even in times when you're down. For with you I know I've no regrets, than to live my life alone.

I wanna grow old beside you; and die knowing you love me too. Hope it's not late for me and you, to do the things I wanna do.

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