I Know Why I Don'T Love Poem by Lara W.A

I Know Why I Don'T Love

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I think I’m in love with you.
I think we’d make a perfect combination.
I think a lot of things;
But I don’t know.
My intuition isn’t reliable;
It teaches me wrong things,
Makes me believe in false hopes.
Follow my heart, and I will be in despair.

I’m not exactly a lover,
Would fail miserably as a people-pleaser.
I’m one of those selfish people you’ve come across,
That snobbish on reality TV,
Cannot love,
And cannot be loved.

I want to love you,
Love you more than my life is worth.
But some things aren’t possible.
Loving you means hurting you.
We won’t have a neat ending.
My dear old friend will come between us,
A loyal pal I call, Insecurities.
He'll show up to rescue me from my potential felicity,
Leaving me:
Doubting you,
Doubting me,
And ruining us.

If you do some background revisions,
Analyze my unpleasant history,
And study my bizarre ideologies,
Then only you’ll know.
I don’t love not because I choose not to.
I don’t love because I cannot love.
I don’t love because there’s no other way I know how to live...

Anna Russell 20 March 2006

This is great stuff - mature, clever and tightly controlled. Well done. Hugs Anna xxx

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Ronberge . 25 August 2005

I love your poems in general but this one's my favorite. The narration, the tone, the words reminds me of a person I knew. Anyway good work! Amicalement votre, Ronberge

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Linda Hepner 28 July 2005

'My dear old friend will come between us, A loyal pal I call, Insecurities'. Really good, Anies, and I love the last line too. Some terrific poems lately, Linda

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