I Know Your History Poem by MOSES ABOLADE

I Know Your History

By Moses Abolade, de Peace Poet

You forgot your History, because you are illiterates
We don't forget History like you
We take it to heart, like our artery depends on it
We don't forget easily, even, if it is 1461
In 1641, we visited your palace, you gave us wine
Without care, you gave up your lands for mirrors
You took the Bible and we took the treasures

Your chiefs were happy and split the plots
You claimed power but you totally lost all
We claimed everything, and we robbed your fathers
Till they became wall
We raped your women and we placed embargo on you like tuber
You claimed nothing. Not even your tongue nor heart
We were considered gods in your story books
We were fire and your liquid metal, we lived like cat
And you ran within the circles like rats

No no no! We are not bad… No we were just smart
No no no! We were not bullies, we were colonizers
We bought the lands, under the Queen! Her Majesty with chastity
Chastity of a thief, and empire of rubbers
Don't say we stole, we only conquered, you were not just smart

"Can I meet you" says the consular
"Yes, I am Chibueze the son of Ogbuefi, who is the brother of Obiora
He is a friend to Babangida,
Whose father sold our family land to your grandfather just for a tumbler…
Do you remember? " Chibueze asked with excitement in his Babariga
"Why are you going to traveling to meet the Queen? " The controlling Consular said firmly
"Why do you want to know, did James Bond did that to our King, when
He came to Obiosa Village, well, I want to go collect the money stolen from Ogbuefi" He bluffs angrily
"I am so sorry I can't give you a VISA …" Says the consular
"Why… this is injustice, who will listened to me,
I need to call Hague, Do you know who I am? " Chibueze cuts in abruptly
"What will you do if you are in my shoes…
You were battered by my grandfather, now let loose…
You are coming to revenge, NO way" Consular raising his voice for attention

"Be calming down…
Yes I am black but I am not a thief like James your grandfather…
I am black but sensible not like the beast you called father,
I am black and Nigerian, but not a bully of yours, referred as great grandfather.
I am black but will never love to colonize you…
I am black I am not born with greed
I am black and not a formal manipulator

I am real human, looking for economic platform for survival,
I am a brave economist ready to save some money and return home
I might be Nigerian who you detached from his parent at Togo
The same person you shattered his family at Congo
I am not devil's assistant like your brother's face
a calculative manipulators who is cunning and dangerous…
I am not your grandfather, I am better, and more mature to manage your silly society"
Chibueze the son of Ogbuefi said jokingly but firmly

"Check it, it's VISA DENIAL, I am sorry, I cannot let you…" Consular admitted with regret.
Chibueze, stood already, looking into the four eyeballs of the controller… in fury
"I will be back, and then, you will pay me like a maga using paga
I will be back in your yahoo.mail and you will give an answer,
Note: I don't need the VISA to collect what belongs to Ogbuefi" Banged the door behind him.

This poem was written by Moses Abolade to spark a conversation around understanding one's history. Especially that of Nigerians in relations to their colonial masters, British. The poem discussed the past, the present and the likelihood of what happens to Nigerians if they don't totally get free from their colonial masters economically and socially even after the formal independence. The peom was structured in a prosaic poem, ode and a dramatic poem. Enjoy.
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