I Love You Are Words Poem by Dom Hunt

I Love You Are Words

Rating: 5.0

I love you are  words
Thrown about to please me
But they are empty 
Like leaves from a tree

Actions are all that matter
But I didn't see through the fog
Of the fantasy I had built
I have been petted like a dog

All things that I thought
Were walls I had built
Around the garden of my soul
You felt no guilt

I was played along
So I would be nice till the end
Didn't have to do that
Your love was  pretend

I made excuses for you
All the times I was tested
Couldn't shake me though 
I had too much invested

At the very end I still believed
That you loved me more
But I was a fool to listen to hope
As I always have before

Now that your gone 
And we will never be one
Can't help feel foolish
Not seeing were done

Mark Dillon 07 September 2012

Another great poem, read, felt and understood.

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Karen Sinclair 13 July 2012

Love is like the word snow... so in descriptive and thrown around as confetti, give me words such as adore cherish...words the like, i understand but love....what on earth is that, unless i do get that and use it for my children and sunny days...tyvm karen... A sad write of loss and confusion, i understand so well

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