How I Loved You Poem by Dom Hunt

How I Loved You

Rating: 4.3

There was never a hour when my thoughts didn't  drift to you
And fill my mind with the immensity of you 
There was never a time of regret
Only times filled with hope
There was never a dream that wasn't fulfilled 
Or a new dream that wouldn't be
There was never a breath that didn't feel the essence of you
Filling me with life 
Your touch lit my soul 
Till it burned with desire
Your smile captured joy
And spread to all you'd see
Your eyes shone of exuberance 
Promising things, that you would help me reach
Your body screamed at me
In a way that made me tremble
Your voice entered my core
Echoing sweetness through my veins
All you are, like a song
Rises and falls within
My heart beats with yours
My blood can feel you 
As it flows to all of me
Filled with you I have become
Whom I should be

Lyn Paul 05 September 2012

This is beautifullly written and sounds so meaningful. A super POEM Of the DAY! Thank You

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 05 September 2012

If every man says this to his love, there will not be any misunderstanding..only the confidence! but men don't lie, that is a good part of this love process...10.

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Karen Sinclair 31 July 2012

Hello, by the title im guessing this is a reminiscent piece (well thats how it seems to me) yet nearer the end it becomes present, so maybe you are looking back at the initial throws of how it all began... this lady certainly ha got into your every breath so i guess (as i was never overconfident about the word love, i think you adore this lady A really lovely write...tyvm karen

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Romeo Della Valle 26 July 2012

A beautiful and touching love's confession! I can identify with this well crafted write 100%! Love is enhanced by fun memories! If we ever could rewind the past a little bit, we would thrilled again! 10+++ I love this well penned write! Thank you for sharing and keep it up! Keep the torch of love burning! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo-New York City!

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Daniel Sparks 05 September 2012

Wow, I visited this site often but no one has made me want to join until now. I love all of your work! I can not wait to read more!

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Leloudia Migdali 05 September 2014

A wonderful poem full of emotions! Congratulations!

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wonderful fullfilling love poem..ends just right..

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Lyn Paul 05 September 2014

A write finalised with the most beautiful words. Thank You Dom

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Akhtar Jawad 05 September 2014

Congrats. a well deserved poem of the day.

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Juliana Jones 05 September 2014

Congratulations Poem of the day, a moving poem. Well done..

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