I’m The Land, You’re The Plant Poem by sweet seven

I’m The Land, You’re The Plant

Rating: 5.0

No rich and idle land which has nothing
When my owner plans for landscaping
Makes life a little exciting
Makes life quite fulfilling.

At first, He did INFATUATION digging
Drops carefully LOVE seedlings
Constant COMMUNICATION of watering
And add TRUST used in fertilizing.

As time goes by, plant started growing
Can feel the roots of PROMISES spreading
Leaves of HOPE for forever love waiving
As the wind of FAITH starts blowing.

One day your flowers of DREAMS began blooming
That butterfly FRIENDS find it fascinating
Even passerby FAMILY finds the scenery relaxing
Felt fulfilled and complete seeing them smiling.

But there are thing we can’t stop from happening
As unwanted grass of DOUBTS starts growing
Worms of ALOOFNESS starts crawling
Though there’s everyday PRAYER of cleaning.

These things make us worrying
That both of us will be dying
But my owner never stops CARING
And ask us to keep on holding.

For quite some time we keep on going
But bully kids of HOPELESSNESS do ripping
Your leaves down to your roots, they can’t stop pulling
Then go laughing leaving me again with NOTHING.


Mark Utada 07 November 2005

Nice poem.. very well said... the feeling and love is there... Keep growing...

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Liz Munro 05 November 2005

love it. you describe love and relationships. have added to my faves. Liz.

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