I'M Tired Poem by Melissa L Tamayo

I'M Tired

I’m tired of all ripples in the shades
I’m tired of the dead flowers in this place
I’m tired of the bad energy you bring
I’m tired of the hearing the bad man sing
Your mood never seems to fade
I don’t know how much
More I can take

I’m tired of the lies
I’m tired of how hard I try
I’m tired of feeling this way
I’m tired of searching
For our purpose
I’m tired of waiting for
You to become that person
I’m tired of showing
I’m much more than worthy

I’m tired of trying to please
The very same ones,
Who disdain me
I’m tired of replacing
All the missing pieces
I’m tired of concern
For everyone’s well being

I’m tired of being the last one
I’m always left with none
I’m tired of fighting
For acceptance
I’m tired of your traditions
I’m tired you don’t listen

Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: sad,sad love,tired
Anil Kumar Panda 08 July 2015

This is sort of surrender to the negative forces that we have to encounter while performing our daily duties.Very nicely written.Loved it.

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Susan Lacovara 03 June 2015

This is a loud testament to the emotional struggles we face trying to resurrect inner strength to move on a positive direction. Although we grow tired of the suffocating negative energy that can slither into our lives, it is most important to remain true to your heart and your own quest for light. An honest poem which speaks volumes. Well done. PEACE

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