Melissa L Tamayo

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Melissa L Tamayo Poems

1. Eaten Alive 4/21/2015
2. Labor In The Workplace 4/30/2015
3. The Weather Is Him 5/1/2015
4. Life Is A Game Of Chess 9/26/2015
5. Her Dreams 9/27/2015
6. My Reason 9/28/2015
7. It Is Then, You'll Find When 10/2/2015
8. Our Spinning World 10/23/2015
9. Would You Miss Her Flaws? 1/18/2016
10. Anxiety 5/25/2016
11. Trapped 9/7/2016
12. I'M Tired 6/3/2015
13. When We Met 4/26/2015
14. Who I Am 4/28/2015
15. When Will It End? 4/21/2015
16. Bad Judge Of Character 5/7/2015
17. Wisdom Is She 9/24/2015
18. Sorrow 11/13/2015
19. New Years Pledge 1/1/2016
20. Acceptance 4/21/2015
21. Time, Reality And Consciousness 5/30/2015
22. Natural Beauty 10/9/2015
23. Am I The Only One? 4/21/2015
Best Poem of Melissa L Tamayo

Am I The Only One?

As I look in the mirror
That sad glare in my eyes
The loneliness I try to hide
It couldn’t be any clearer
The things I feel inside
Holding in the pain
Feeling like glass
Cutting through my veins
The reflection of my tears
As crystal spears
The shadow of my eye lids
Overpowers every bit of my face

I’ve held this pain
Inside for long
It no longer feels wrong
Sad by the outcome
This dark cloud
Keeps my mind running wild
When will this
Look be gone?
Slowly filled with anger
Becoming my own
Damn stranger
Am I the only...

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When Will It End?

I notice the storm heading our way
The dark gray clouds overlapping
Seems like its taking days
The lightning raises the hairs on my legs
I can’t help but wonder
When it will all end?

The thunder sounds like cries of pain
The water pours down as tears

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