Melissa L Tamayo Poems

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Am I The Only One?

As I look in the mirror
That sad glare in my eyes
The loneliness I try to hide
It couldn’t be any clearer

Natural Beauty

Beauty is not the makeup you wear
Or the smell of your perfume wear
Beauty is not the cosmetic care of your hair
Or the style you choose to flaunt

Time, Reality And Consciousness

What is time?
It is not tangible
The future does not exist
Unless you make it till tomorrow


Although she smiles without a care in the world
Leaving a glow wherever she goes
Behind that stare of hers, screams loneliness
Once clueless as well as careless


Sorrow; Love lost with sadden words
Lost hope with tears that burst
Twisted happiness, that sometimes hurt
Sorrow; A sentiment that makes one tear

New Years Pledge

The shining beam of sunlight pierces my eyes,
Forcing my lids to open wide.
First thought in my mind,
Not only is this a new day;

Wisdom Is She

She's a perfectionist
She's courageous and full of knowledge
She's courteous and intrigued by those she meets
She turns unfortunate situations into thought out lessons

When Will It End?

I notice the storm heading our way
The dark gray clouds overlapping
Seems like its taking days
The lightning raises the hairs on my legs

Bad Judge Of Character

We are all blindsided by the selfish individuals.
Those who seek to reach the top, the envy never stops.
Unfortunately what they do not know,
Selling their souls for the white hat;


Despite all I know, I still keep that frog in my throat
and sadly continue to suppress my soul
My thoughts are on overload
These feelings, I can not control

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